Corporate Reflexology

Corporate Reflexology

Most employers would agree that their employees are their most important asset and, therefore, the wellbeing of employees is something that should be considered and looked after.

One thing that can affect your employee’s wellbeing is stress. We can all agree that stress is a factor in most people’s lives and some stress on a managed level is a good thing. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning! However, too much unmanaged stress can cause many unpleasant symptoms and, can also, have a serious impact on our health.

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Facts about stress

It is thought that at least 75% of illness is stress-related.

The UK Health and Safety Executive released statistics for 2018 which revealed that 57% of staff absence is stress-related.

Bearing in mind these facts, isn’t it worth considering how you, as an employer, can help your employees manage their stress which, in turn, could make your employees happier, healthier and less stressed, potentially reducing the number of staff absences?

This is where corporate reflexology could be what you’re looking for.

Treatments are usually for 20 minutes and will be focused on relaxation, which will therefore have a positive effect on stress levels.

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I offer both foot and facial reflexology, so your staff can choose whichever is preferable to them.

I will bring everything with me, including a massage couch, and all that I ask for is a room or area that is sectioned off to allow the treatments to be as peaceful as possible.

The way this can work can vary depending on how much the company want to be involved.

Some companies organise for the therapist to come into their business and the staff cover the cost of their treatment, or the company can subsidise this so that the staff pay a percentage of the cost.

Some companies pay for the total cost of having the therapist come into their business, therefore giving their staff the treatments for free.

Whichever way you choose to do it, I am sure your employees will be grateful for the opportunity to have a treatment and it will be a huge boost to staff morale.

Please contact me for more details if you feel that this would benefit your staff and, in turn, your business.

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“The sessions with Al are amazing. She creates an oasis of calm in the middle of the working day and has you feeling relaxed and at peace after just half an hour. I really look forward to the days that she is in the office.”
Kat Berryman, Head of Operations, Archant Dialogue

“Al has visited Dialogue several times now and has been highly valued across the agency. Not only is she an amazing reflexologist, she’s a true professional too – a very trusting person to bring into the work environment to spread calm as well as wellbeing to many of my team.”
Zoe Francis-Cox, Agency Director, Archant Dialogue