Hot Stones

Hot Stones

The term “hot stones” is used to describe heated, smooth, flat stones that are placed on the body, or feet for reflexology.

Hot Stones Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment where you will experience these heated volcanic Basalt stones being brought into the usual reflexology sequence.

After a gentle massage with natural, hydrating buttercream, a combination of fingers and thumbs will work the feet, focusing on reflex points. The smooth heated stones will be added in to the treatment to allow for deeper penetration of the reflex points which will encourage deeper healing. Some stones will be placed on the feet at intervals, to allow the heat to penetrate, warming both the skin and bringing warmth and healing through to the reflex points.

The stones will enhance your treatment by inducing very deep relaxation, the heat permeates the layers of the skin, warming it and releasing tension. The psychological effect of heat on the body is also a very powerful healing aid, providing comfort. The heat will also encourage deeper penetration to the reflex points allowing problem areas to be targeted more effectively and allowing a greater healing experience.

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hot stones reflexology
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