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    Preconception and Fertility Reflexology

Al Campbell MAR Reflexologist

I originally qualified in Reflexology in 2006 and followed up my initial qualification with a diploma in 2007 to gain myself accreditation with the Association of Reflexologists.

I am still fascinated with this wonderful therapy and love that it helps so many people in such a positive way.

I have since attended multiple training courses including Maternity Reflexology with Suzanne Enzor and Reproflexology with Barbara Scott. This has enabled me to work with fertility clients and following through with the maternity journey. I have also trained in Hot Stone Reflexology, Reflexology for Cancer Care, Spinal Reflexology, Reflexology for Pain and most recently qualified in Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage with Sally Kay. This is a specialised technique primarily researched and designed for people suffering from lymphodema. However, I am finding that this specialised technique is showing to be effective in helping many more conditions, in particular, auto immune illnesses and inflammatory conditions.

Most recently I have qualified as a Dien Chan Facial Reflexology operator. This is a wonderfully relaxing treatment to receive and has the added benefit of giving my clients the knowledge and power to work on themselves between treatments should they wish to do so. (It's a lot easier to work on your own face than your feet!).

That said, foot reflexology will always be my main passion and I’m looking forward to attending more courses in this in the future.

I work from a peaceful treatment room at in Fakenham to ensure that your treatment is as relaxing as possible.

Contact me to see how reflexology may be able to help you.


preconception and fertility reflexology

Preconception and Fertility Reflexology

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Maternity Reflexology

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Hot Stone Reflexology